“Missed breakfast.  Ran back for camera!  Headed for border.  Stopped at small town Zahedan to spend last rials – felt like a zombie.  Slept until lunch.  Slept until border.  Passports looked at twice – water train (arrives once a week) was in.  Money changers round the bus.  Had to file in and be looked at.  Slept until dark – missed the day!  Slept again until got to Pakistan customs’ yard in nearest town.  Pitched tents.  Saw camel train!  Several more later on.  (Nokkundi)”

[The previous stop at Camp C and suddenly being thrown into a pocket of Britain – a Geordie working men’s social club in the Iranian desert – caused more than just a hangover.  It was a disorientating experience and caused my first real bout of homesickness – the accents, the familiar food – causing home to rear up in an unexpected way.  It was fun at the time, but left me more vulnerable to the sickness of home-thinking]



  1. Jo-Anne Franks says:

    Hi there,
    I was on a couple of buses before this one from Katmandu to London Aug I think 1975. I have lost all my photos and all the letters I so painstakingly kept to the floods last year. Not a single bit of evidence left. I was wondering if you had heard from others as I would like to try and get some photos from people on my bus. I was also the person who looked after ATREK house for about a year, so some of these people may have crossed my path staying at the house before departing. Please email me if you can help me.
    kind regards
    Jo-Anne Franks

  2. Hi Jo-Anne
    that’s terrible to lose all your memorabilia to the floods – really sad. Where you on a Swagman Tours bus belonging to Asian Greyhound? If so, you must go on this website:
    It was set up by one of the drivers and it is a gold mine of photos, memories and forums linking travellers together etc. There are also links for other overland bus tours, so it’s a good place to start.
    There are also various Facebook groups. On my Page you’ll find a few pics and comments from other Overlanders and links etc.

    What and where was ATREK house?

    Let me know how you get on or if I can help in any way.

    All best

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