Reached Kahjuraho late morning – biggish village with love temples dotted around it, set in beautiful gardens.  Wandered over to corner of square – “Madras Coffee House” and had nice coffee while lunch was being made.

After lunch headed into one group of Hindu temples.  Built between 10th and 12th centuries by Rajput Kings.  Temples, inside and out, covered in sculptured erotic figures, plus elephants and hunting scenes etc.  Lovely grounds with big purple and pink flowers on the bushes; beautifully sunny afternoon.

Saw round about 5 different temples – all approached by flights of steps and surrounded by broad terraces.  We teased Shirley about taking erotic photos – she said it was for her school kids!

Caught bloke skinning up the side of a temple and balancing in an awkward position with camera – Jan took photo of him because he looked the most erotic figure on the temple!

Then lay in the shade of a big tree for half an hour listening to noise of birds, bicycles and passers by – really great.

Bargained for brass ink pot at stall by bus – thought I’d lost then Mark compared it with another ink pot on the next stall which offered a lower price – so bloke quickly relented and I got my price!

Camped early near “dormitory” – a hostel type place – had shower then lazed on a foamy and finished ‘Papillon’ until tea.”


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