INTO NEPAL – You say goodbye and I say hello …1976

[We were nearing the end of the trip and our goal of Kathmandu, but running a few days late.  So two Swaggies who had planes to catch left us at this stage, though somehow we’d acquired a couple more passengers in India: Irish Mike and Norwegian Anders.  It was a time for photos and the first tearful goodbyes.]


“(Supposed to be arrival day in Kathmandu).
Janice [tent mate] and Ann left bus today – had “tent photos” – Jan, Jan, Jan and Di!  Changed places for different cameras.

Then new Norwegian took photos of the whole group in front of bus – great heap of dead cameras on ground as he worked way through them!  Janice in tears when we left! (Picked up Anders today – Norwegian – went to Amhurst Uni where Don cleaned loos! [Don is my eldest brother and did a holiday job at Amhurst, MS as a student]

Pleasant fields and trees.  Stopped near school for lunch – nice salad.  Cay stop at busy small town.

Border late afternon – coffee at cay shop where chickens wandering around – then fella picked them up and took them squawking behind a curtain – more squawking – the mind boggled as to what was happening!

Across border into Nepal without paying extra for visa.  Camped by road – 10 o’clock curfew so road closed – very quiet.

Di, Jan and me had hysterics in tent talking bout Pen Overland princess on foamies with driver’s pea under them – or something insane like that!”


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