ROAD TO POKHARA – paddy fields, purple padded jackets, and a king next to our camp, 1976

[We climbed into the Himalayan foothills of beautiful Nepal and on to Pokhara below the Annapurna Range (with our resident rat still in tow).  The village was full of soldiers because the King was in residence in his palace, while we made camp for the final time in our orange ridge-pole tents by his stunning lake.]


Mouse was trapped last night!  Rat still at large!
Stopped before hills at busy village – small shops in shacks next to newer buildings.

Into hills – beautiful tree-covered slopes and paddy fields below – lovely rivers.  Lunch stop by cay shop and small thatched houses with open verandas, supported by rough posts.  Beautiful big green river with big bridge over.  Little kid by me and “Little” Chris chatting away, then suddenly turned to us and said “Piss!” – well what could one say?!  Nice old woman serving cay – obviously the Granny of half the village – purple wrapover jacket.
German man very excited about fish in the river – had “very good speckles on” so he could see them!

Lovely gorges and hillside villages – lots of road tolls.  Small people – Mongolian and Indian faces – all wear coloured hats.

First view of Annapurna Range in distance!  High white peaks in setting sun, half the valley in shadow.
Pokhara full of soldiers and decorated archways over the road – apparently King here at the moment.  Went past his summer palace and nice village by edge of beautiful lake – lots of little restaurants.  Piled into one and had lovely cheese paratha and coffee.  Chris gave me fags for Dad – rhinos on them!

Camped in grounds of cheap hotel (army in usual place).  Walked round village with Di, Heidi, Shirl, Chris and Hans – no sign of Tibetan dancing.  Diane and Maree threatened with gun because out after curfew! 

Last putting up of tent! – I pegged!”

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