DELHI RE-VISITED – without the security blanket of the Swaggie bus – or even a sleeping bag!

[The day which started with sunrise in Kathmandu and a jolly rickshaw ride around Patna, took a decided turn for the worse when we reached Delhi that evening.  Leaving luggage at the airport, believing we would be in the city for just a night, we searched for somewhere to stay …]

THURSDAY 30TH DECEMBER, 1976 – Part Three

“At [Delhi] airport we rush for cases, managed to leave them at left luggage, then got bus into city.  Driver suicidal – didn’t slow down at roundabouts – drove on 2 wheels most of the way!  Saw us, laughed and drove even worse. 

Dropped at Connaught Place – Nikki had addrss of Palace Heights just off C.P. – up lift, found it was full!  Directed us to Jivan Lodge down the street.  Really tired and desperate for place (after 8pm).  Up loads of stairs, men staring at us from dark corridors.  Manager showed us to double room up more stairs.  Filthy room, with one old thin blanket on the beds.  About £2.50 for this hole but took it for the night. 

Music blaring from next door; bloke kept peering through glass panel that stretched along the whole of one bedroom wall.  We sat down feeling depressed – both agreed it seemed more like a brothel!  Went out and sat in State Coffee House looking thoroughly cheesed off; tried to make coffee last, dreaded going back.

When got back, we locked ourselves in and went to sleep fully dressed because had no sleeping bags with us.  Nick-named the place “the black hole of Delhi”!”

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