[Having been euphoric the day before with promises of tickets home, it turned out to be false in my case and complicated in Nikki’s.  The British Embassy were as helpful as a chocolate fire-guard.  We spent precious money travelling out to the luxurious area of New Delhi where our diplomats lived to be told by a brusque officer that he would be out of sight and out of mind over the weekend, so not to bother him.  It was a day of hassle – and my last one as an eighteen year old!]


“New telegram for Nikki – she must go to Ariana [Afghan Airways] for ticket!  Went and saw a very unhelpful young bloke – ticket has to be blacklisted in Kabul before a new one issued!  My ticket not here.  Nikki decided to ring home that evening – felt better for it.

Also went to British Embassy to collect Nikki’s money that father had arranged – very unhelpful – would give nothing, no money for travellers.  They would only fly people home if destitute – if there was no one at home to pay; they would disown then repatriate! [This meant having your passport revoked]  Any money leant had to be repaid before left the country!

Taxi took us to the wrong post office, so nearly had stand up fight with driver because we refused to pay full fair.  No tickets again.”

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