Google e-books UK launch "imminent" | The Bookseller

Interesting news about Google bringing its ebooks to the UK market. The big challenge must be that Google ebooks can’t be read on Kindle …


2 comments on “Google e-books UK launch "imminent" | The Bookseller

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is a good sale for an e-book on Amazon. It's difficult to find that many people with Kindles, but I know you have had a big success. Would you go for traditional publishing over e-book, or do you think this is the future? John Anthony

  2. Hi John, I don't see it is an either/or choice between traditional and ebook publishing, but something that can be done in tandem. For most publishers ebooks still account for only 15% or so of sales, compared to print versions. For me as an independent publishing author that % is much higher! So ebooks are offering a big opportunity for independents like myself who are reaching a new readership through digital outlets.

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