A Crimson Dawn Now In E-Book Formats

It’s been a while coming, but I’ve finally got A Crimson Dawn converted to e-book formats:

Emmie Kelso is only nine years old when she’s rescued from a dingy Gateshead tenement. Sent to Crawdene, a mining village on the fell, she’s taken into the vibrant, loving household of the MacRaes and brought up as one of their own.

Blossoming into an intelligent and spirited young woman, Emmie is soon swept off her feet by handsome miner Tom Curran but it’s only after their wedding that she learns of his possessive, violent nature.

As war engulfs Europe in 1914, the community divides. Tom enlists and despite his disapproval, Emmie joins the MacRaes, among others, in their cries for peace. Working with those opposed to the war, Emmie finds herself alongside Rab, the MacRaes’ eldest son and a conscientious objector, and their childhood devotion to each other sparks into a love too strong to hide. But as the war worsens, the atmosphere grows ever more tense.

Women hand out white feathers to those refusing to defend their country and Rab, arrested as a ‘conchie’, faces the ultimate penalty. And when a brutalised, war-weary Tom returns home, there’s trouble ahead. The war may be drawing to an end, but Emmie’s fight for happiness is only just beginning ….

For full details of this book, please go to my page on Family Sagas.

2 comments on “A Crimson Dawn Now In E-Book Formats

  1. Hi Jan – just wanted to say that I love the new cover. Are those photos of your relatives that you’ve used?


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