A Baby In India

The Tea Planter’s Daughter begins the story with the idyllic childhood of Clarissa & Olive Belhaven on their father’s once-thriving Indian tea plantation.

The descriptions for this part of the book were inspired by my mother’s early life – my grandfather, Robert Gorrie was a forester in northern India:

I’m currently going through a stack of photos from their time in India, and over the next couple of weeks I’ll scan the best and post them here. In the meantime, here’s one to show you how hard the journey could be – this is how mum experienced perambulating through the Himalayan foothills:

Definitely a photo that’s a product of its time!

2 comments on “A Baby In India

  1. Sehmina says:

    Just finished The Tea Planter’s Daughter. Loved it, read it in my iPad kindle app.in two days. It was riveting and kept me enthralled. I love Catherine Cookson’s work and this was so reminicent of her riting. Has this book been made into a movie, if not, it certainly should. It would be a great hit!


  2. Hi Sehmina – thanks so much for your kind comment! Really glad you enjoyed the novel. I would LOVE the story to be made into a film – if you know any film producers, pass them my way!
    Hope you might enjoy some of the other novels too.
    Best wishes


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