INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – suffragettes out in force in Morpeth!


   Morpeth was buzzing today with the first events of the year to mark the centenary of Emily Wilding Davison’s martyrdom in the cause of women’s emancipation.

Werca's Folk singing The Women's March by Emily's grave

Werca’s Folk singing The Women’s March by Emily’s grave

A hundred years ago, her protest at the Epsom races for Votes for Women led to her being trampled by the King’s horse. She died a few days later.  Her body was brought back to be buried in the family plot in Morpeth, Northumberland – and huge crowds lined the road to pay tribute to “the wild lass”.


Today, there was a packed church at St Mary’s for a very moving service of tributes and songs, and a procession to the graveside.

Descendants at Emily's graveside

Descendants at Emily’s graveside

Lauren Caisley, descendant of Emily's who spoke at the service - Emily would have been proud!

Lauren Caisley, descendant of Emily’s who spoke at the service – Emily would have been proud!

Later in the day, I was doing a signing at Rutherford’s department store in the town (close to where Emily used to make passionate speeches and throw sweets to local children). A special edition of my suffragette novel, NO GREATER LOVE, with a new ending, has been launch today to mark Emily’s centenary.Signing at Rutherford's, 8 March 2013

The profits from books sold at Rutherford’s will go towards International Women’s Day Oxfam appeal.


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