THE SCOTTISH HEBRIDES are steeped in the history of Jacobite Risings and the legendary Flora MacDonald – a beautiful, spirited young woman from the Outer Isles who dared to put her life at risk to help the fugitive Bonnie Prince Charlie. And she may just be a cousin of mine!


Flora – her life, loves and adventures – is the subject of my forthcoming historical novel, THE JACOBITE LASS. Available for pre-order on Kindle UK:


Scotland, 1722: on a remote and windswept Scottish island an enigmatic poetess foretells tragedy for the proud Macdonalds of Clanranald and the birth of an extraordinary child. That child is the passionate and free-spirited Flora. 

She is in love with childhood sweetheart, elusive Jacobite, Neil, yet increasingly drawn to passionate and handsome Allan.

Before affairs of the heart can be resolved, the exiled Prince Charles Stuart lands on the Outer Isles in his bid to win back the crown and his arrival ignites the Jacobite Rising of 1745. Scotland is plunged into bloody civil war; families and clans are torn apart in their loyalties and Flora’s fate is changed forever. The fate of a fugitive prince is in her hands. Will she risk everything for the sake of those she loves?

Deeply emotional and uplifting, THE JACOBITE LASS is set in the turbulent times of 18th century Scotland and is based on the true story of Scottish heroine, Flora MacDonald.

I have been following in her footsteps to get a feel of where she came from and the places where she lived – I feel like I know her!

Visiting Milton in South Uist where Flora partly spent her childhood.

Visiting Milton in South Uist where Flora spent part of her childhood.

Although I’m a proud MacLeod – a clan genealogist has worked out that Flora and I are distant cousins – five steps of kinship removed and several generations!

The next post will tell you more about my search for Flora’s past …

A typical Outer Isles beach and the Atlantic stretching away to America - a view unchanged since Flora's time.

A typical Outer Isles beach and the Atlantic stretching away to America – a view unchanged since Flora’s time.


  1. sandra nicholls says:

    Hi Janet

    I just love all of your books and up to now I think i have read all of them. I dont know which one is my favourite as they are all special in their own way.

    How long does it take you to write a book, you seem to whizz through them.

    I am currently off work with stress, long story which i wont bore you with. But since i have been off i have read a book per week.

    Best wishes

    sandra nicholls

    • Hi Sandra
      good to hear from you again – though I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been off work with stress. I’m glad you’ve been able to use that time to read more – and hope that reading will help you through it. It’s lovely of you to make such nice comments about my books, thank you!
      Take care of yourself and keep in touch,
      All the best

  2. Sue coulson says:

    Hi Janet am a new conert and love you books. Have read The Tea Planters daughter and The Planters Wife. Is there another book in the series? Great reading

    • Hi Sue,great to hear from you and thanks so much for your lovely comment! Really glad you’ve enjoyed the India tea novels. As a matter of fact, we’re over in India at the moment while I do some research for a third one! So I hope there may be a follow up novel next year. I’ll keep you posted.
      All the best,

    • Sue coulson says:

      Thank you for that info can’t wait. Sorry for typos earlier, it’s this new tablet …….has a life of its own.

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