THE TYNESIDE SAGAS are a hit with UK readers!

9781908359391‘Brilliant set of books, gripping’

Kindle readers are giving the thumbs up to a box-set of Janet’s North-East historical novels – and have pushed the compilation up to Number 4 in Historical Romance!

‘Excellent. Well written. Keeps the reader interested.’

‘Very true to life on Tyneside – loved them – all three.’

They helped one reader pass the time when laid up – while another went early to bed to read them!

This is what they are about:

3 dramatic tales of passionate women: pretty Clara fighting her way out of ’30s poverty falls for bad boy Vinnie [A Handful of Stars]; Millie escaping a shameful past, dreams of riches [Chasing the Dream]; fun loving Joe uncovers dark family secrets and makes sacrifices for love [For Love and Glory]. Set in momentous mid 20th century Britain with heartwarming heroines, the stories stir all the emotions.

‘I’ve given 5 stars because I enjoyed reading all three books. Nicely written and very interesting story lines. I will definitely look for other books by this writer.’

‘Couldn’t put down – will look for more like this – great value.’

The box-set is available on Amazon UK at: (as well as all other Amazon sites and on Kobo)

For Love&Glory cover - Copy9781908359308cover - Copy9781908359186cover - Copy


6 comments on “THE TYNESIDE SAGAS are a hit with UK readers!

  1. sandra nicholls says:

    Hi Janet

    I have read all of your sagas and i loved them all. You are by far my most favourite writer. Take care and keep up the wonderful work.

    Best wishes

    Sandra Nicholls x

  2. Aw thanks so much Sandra! You know just how to make my day! I’m researching a novel set in Britain and India in the early 19th century at the moment, so will keep you informed of progress.
    Very best wishes

    • Anne Whiting says:

      Hi Janet can’t wait for this new India one. I loved the Tea Planters sagas. You must be so busy.


      • Thanks Anne! Busy but really enjoying the research. At the moment reading about the British going into Afghanistan the first time round (1839) with disastrous results…
        All the best

  3. Geraine Armstrong says:

    You are a dynamic writer. I have read all of your books and look forward to future novels from you. Can’t stop reading when I pick up your books. Thank you for interesting reading!

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