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Enchanted Forests

Thousands of kilometres to the South of Kashi ( Varanasi) lies one of the most Enchanting & Pristine surroundings I have seen in recent memory.

The Nimishamba Temple near Srirangapatnam, Karnataka, India  is located on the banks of the Cauvery ( or Kaveri ) River . The importance of the temple was enhanced manifold for me personally as I broke my 9 (Nine) day Navratri fast within these Enchantingly beautiful surroundings.

These Nine Days are followed by the festival Dusshera in Northern India and Ayudha Puja ( check out a previous blog titled FLORAL EXTRAVAGANZA) in Karanataka in Southern India.

The Picture below is on the Ghats or Banks of the Cauvery River , also the connect to my ongoing posts on Kashi ( titled BLISS IN KASHI etc..) which is located thousands of kilometers away on the banks of the Ganges River.

devi-by-the-river The Goddess on the Banks of the…

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