The Urbane Book Club unwrapped (@urbanepub)

An interesting selling model from a new publisher – a year’s subscription to all their titles. ‘Urbane’ looks intriguing. Something for reading groups to consider perhaps …?

Jill's Book Cafe


For anyone who hasn’t yet seen or heard me banging on about it (where have you been?), this month I became a member of the newly instituted Urbane Book Club. Now anyone who knows me will know I do not part with my money at the drop of a hat unless I think it’s good value. Trust me, this club represents excellent value. At £99.99 (say it quickly) I acknowledge it might not be your average impulse purchase, I know it’s certainly not mine. But having looked at what’s on offer I conceded I’d be daft not too – and it is nearly Christmas, so Merry Christmas to me!

So first of all, before the what do I get, who exactly is Urbane Publications? Urbane was founded by Matthew Smith in February 2014 and he’s come a long way in a relatively short space of time. You can read Matthew’s…

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