Landour – A Beautiful Offbeat Hill Station

Love India’s hill stations? Read this interesting blog post on a little known gem …

Himadri Negi

Born and brought up in a beautiful hill station (Nainital) myself, there is something about these small towns that attracts me and they are my first pick every time I want a vacation. My friends don’t understand why after spending 20 years in Nainital, I still crave to be in the hills – well, you need to have lived there to know it yourself. One of my favorite hill stations in the Northern part of India is ‘Landour’ – not known to a lot of people, a quiet cantonment town about 6kms (3.7 miles) from Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Home to Ruskin Bond, Mussoorie’s best kept secretis tailor made for people like me that love spending time away from the hustle bustle.

It’s a 7 hour drive from New Delhi making it a perfect weekend getaway.

Places to stay: There are many small cottages and hotels around the place, but ‘La…

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