THE GREAT WAR SAGAS – limited special offer



A hundred years ago, the First World War was still raging. It became known as the Great War because no war before it had ever been as catastrophic. Currently, there’s a lot of looking back to 100 years ago, and rightly so. But much of it is from the point of view of the combatants – the majority of them men – rather than the women or those who chose not to fight.

My two novels set in the Great War period: A CRIMSON DAWN and NO GREATER LOVE, look at the experience of the women. In particular, women who had been involved in the campaign for women’s emancipation prior to the war. What did they do once war was declared? Not all women were in agreement that they should suspend their activism, or bow to the wishes of the suffragette leadership in getting behind the war effort.

These novels throw light on the, sometimes, uncomfortable issues of conscientious objection and pacifism in the face of all-out war. Whatever you think of the choices they make, these heroines were strong-willed and brave!

And for a few days only, THE GREAT WAR SAGAS are on at a discount of 67% on Amazon Kindle UK! Also available on at the same special discount.



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