Transport yourself to India!

While we’re all unable to take holidays abroad, I wanted to invite you to do some armchair travelling!

If it’s mystery you like, then hop on an overland bus to Kathmandu with THE VANISHING OF RUTH – a tale of dark secrets and lost love on the hippy trail. It’s on offer this month at 99p

Or take a step back in time to India in the days of the British Raj and experience the tea gardens of Assam –

all four of the INDIA TEA NOVELS are on offer until the 14th April for £1 each!

Enjoy! All the best, Janet


2 comments on “Transport yourself to India!

  1. Hi Janet, just bought ‘The Vanishing of Ruth’ for my Kindle and very much looking forward to reading it. I’m waiting for my critique from the RNA New Writers Scheme and enjoying having time to read instead of write. x


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