I’m very excited to share with you that Rose McConnell, of 19th century Jarrow, is soon to be introduced to a German audience for the first time. THE JARROW LASS has been translated into German – DAS MÄDCHEN von JARROW – and here is the lovely new cover …

PUBLICATION DATE IS 25TH OCTOBER – but it’s available for pre-order as an ebook now on




Ganz liebe Grüße!

4 comments on “THE JARROW LASS goes to GERMANY!

  1. Sandra Nicholls says:

    That’s great news Janet that this wonderful book is going to be shared by another country. They will love it!

    You are my all time favourite author and I have read all of your books. Best of luck in the future Janet and keep me posted.

    Best wishes


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  2. Lovely to hear from you, Sandra! You’re so kind. I’m hoping the story will go down well across The North Sea!

    The next one out in English is The Diamond Daughter, which is being published in early November.
    I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying life.
    Very best wishes

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  3. Amanda Baker says:

    That is fantastic Janet. Congrats and well

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