The Girl emerges from the Tea Garden!

Today is the publication day for my new India Tea Novel – THE GIRL FROM THE TEA GARDEN!

Set in India and Britain in the 1930s and 40s in turbulent times, my heroine Adela Robson – a tea planter’s daughter – has ambitions to become an actress.

Much of the novel is set in the old capital of the British Raj, Simla (now Shimla) which I visited two years ago and discovered places where my own mother and grandparents had lived …jan-at-christchurch-lodge







More information about the India Tea Series can be found on my website: INDIA TEA SERIES



Available as an ebook, paperback and audio: THE GIRL FROM THE TEA GARDEN


The French know how to make a stylish entrance! And this is what my French publisher, Presses de la Cite has done with their new version of my novel A HANDFUL OF STARS.

A Handful of Stars - French cover

They have called it UNE FEMME INSOUMISE (A Rebellious Woman) which is a fair comment on my ambitious, glamorous yet warm-hearted heroine, Clara.

The cover also conveys the glamour of the 1930s period in which the novel is set:

It’s 1931 and the Depression has brought Tyneside to its knees. Young, pretty Clara Magee is devastated when her father commits suicide leaving secrets behind him and the family is forced to sell their fancy-goods shop to a German couple. Despite her mother Patience’s disapproval, Clara befriends their daughter Rennie and hot-headed son Benny, but her heart lies with their dashing elder brother Frank. Patience thinks businessman Vinnie Craven, who runs the local boxing hall, a far better catch for Clara. When Frank leaves abruptly for Germany, Vinnie single-mindedly pursues the vivacious Clara, determined to make her his wife. Tempted by the glamorous life-style Vinnie is offering and security for her family, Clara buries her feelings for Frank. But she hadn’t bargained for Vinnie’s ruthless nature or growing fascination for Mosley’s Fascist Party. Yet the greatest shock is still to come …

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