FAMILY FACES – turning relations into fictional heroines

Great Aunt Lizzie

I’ve been spending an interesting time turning some of my bestselling sagas into ebooks and having new covers designed.  To make the books more personal, I have delved into the archives of family photo albums and chosen relations to illustrate my heroines!
For example, on the cover of The Suffragette is a photo of my great grand-aunt Elizabeth Maclagan, sister to my great grandmother Janet Gorrie who was a suffragette supporter in Edinburgh.  I don’t know if Elizabeth got involved herself, but she had three nieces who were campaigners for the Pankhursts’ WSPU.

For the Jarrow Trilogy, I have used other Maclagans on the fronts of The Jarrow Lass and A Child of Jarrow, chosing women from the right era for 19th century and Edwardian periods. 

My lovely Mum!

But for the third and final novel, Return to Jarrow, which is set in the 30s and 40s I have used a delightful picture of my own mother.  She was a young woman in the 1940s and embarking on an acting career, so is very photogenic.  I may use her again!

The new print versions are coming out in early September, but are being released as ebooks first.  They are already doing very well on Amazon Kindle – going into the bestseller lists for Family Sagas. 

Amazon ranking for 12 July 2011:

The Jarrow Lass –  #6 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Family Saga

Child of Jarrow –  #11 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Family Saga

Return to Jarrow –  #22 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Family Saga

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