Nissan and what work means – great exhibition

Great review of fascinating exhibition on Nissan’s history in the North-East of England

Stella MacQueen

monkwearmouth-station-logoNissan: 30 Years On is at Monkwearmouth Station Museum

A wonderful exhibition called ‘Nissan: 30 Years On‘ combines great photography and video with words that, not only compliments the images but also gives both an insight into Sunderland’s industrial heritage and the reasons why we work. The exhibition is at Monkwearmouth Station Museum in Sunderland.


Nissan began production in Sunderland in 1986, a time of relatively high unemployment for the area following on as it did from a sorry end to the miners’ strike and a period of decline in shipbuilding. Although Sunderland does well in industries such as digital and creative and has a lively cultural scene it would seem that it is its automotive industry that is making the major contribution to the cities prosperity and wellbeing. 

Photography and words

The major part of the exhibition are photographs of the Nissan plant in full work mode (something worth seeing…

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