Come and discover THE RAJ HOTEL …!

I’m exited to share with you that my novel THE EMERALD AFFAIR (Book 1 in the new RAJ HOTEL SERIES) has been chosen as an Amazon First Reads for December (ahead of its publication on 1st January 2020) so is now available on Amazon.UK and Amazon.AU

As the night draws in, there’s nothing I like more than an epic love story (envisage the drama of The English Patient) that sweeps you away to a wonderful setting and leaves your heart full and ultimately uplifted. In The Emerald Affair, Janet MacLeod Trotter delivers just that, pure indulgence! – Sammia Hamer, publisher

The Emerald Affair-MacleodTrotter-25989-CV-FT

For those not in the UK or Australia, it’s available on pre-order.

Hope you enjoy it!

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I just wanted to share the new cover for my forthcoming novel – THE EMERALD AFFAIR.

Personally, I think it’s fabulous and hope you like it too!

The Emerald Affair-MacleodTrotter-25989-CV-FT

Set in Scotland and India, the novel is the first in the new RAJ HOTEL SERIES and will be published on 1st January 2020.

For more details and pre-order go to THE EMERALD AFFAIR


I just wanted to share with you that my new historical novel, IN THE FAR PASHMINA MOUNTAINS, is on at the special price of 99p in the Kindle Daily Deal on AMAZON UK.




Ancestors, Afghan coat and adventure! ‘Staying In’ – feature on Linda’s Book Bag Blog today!

INTHEFARPASHMINAMOUNTAINS-MACLEODTROTTER-26220-CV-FTLinda runs an award-winning book blog and today gave me the chance to talk about my latest novel, IN THE FAR PASHMINA MOUNTAINS and what inspired it ….

via Staying in with Janet MacLeod Trotter


For those in the US, there are 100 ebooks of IN THE FAR PASHMINA MOUNTAINS being given away this month on GOODREADS!


For those who would like to enter to win one of the free novels, here is the link:

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NEW NOVEL on special pre-launch price! In the Far Pashmina Mountains …

Excited to say that my new historical novel, IN THE FAR PASHMINA MOUNTAINS, is available now as an Amazon First Reads choice in the UK and Australia at a pre-publication price of 99p! (for Kindle ebook)INTHEFARPASHMINAMOUNTAINS-MACLEODTROTTER-26220-CV-FT

Or if you have an Amazon Prime membership you can download it during September for free! Or buy the paperback for £3.99

Here is the link for Amazon.UK

And the link for Amazon.Australia



Books, buses, long-lost diaries …. all can inspire a writer!

This is the final part of my interview by Trisha (Writer at Play) about writing and being a writer …



Discovering the house in Simla where my grandparents and mother had lived in 1928 and inspired the novel:    THE GIRL FROM THE TEA GARDEN

KINDLE DEALS on the TEA NOVELS – festive prices!

The first two novels in the INDIA TEA SERIES are on at very special prices for the month of DECEMBER!

Tea Planter's Daughter                    THE TEA PLANTER’S DAUGHTER

and  THE TEA PLANTER’S BRIDETea Planter's Bride

Amazon UK – £1

Amazon US – $1.27

Amazon AU – $2

Curl up with a cup of tea – and be transported to the land of tea!

SHELF PLEASURE’S Author Q&A: Janet Macleod Trotter

Thanks very much to SHELF PLEASURE for hosting me on their delightful book blog – great questions!

Source: Author Q&A: Janet Macleod Trotter

From Purple Crayons to Summer Scones ….!

I was interviewed by the lovely ladies at Madeleine Milburn Agency this week …

In a (seemingly vain) effort to render gloomy and grey London a little more cheerful and summery today, here is a new Q&A with our best-selling author Janet MacLeod Trotter. Janet is the author of mesmerising historical family sagas THE TEA PLANTER’S DAUGHTER and THE PLANTER’S BRIDE, as well as contemporary mysteries such as the captivating THE VANISHING OF RUTH.

What’s your daily routine when you are writing?

Go for a walk to get fresh air and the brain ticking over before heading to the library to write – with a promise to myself to return home for a huge coffee after a couple of hours!

If you weren’t writing, what other job would you dream to have?

I’d re-create the tea-house in my novel, The Tea Planter’s Daughter, and bustle around in an Edwardian tea dress chatting to the customers about world events while musicians played in the background and my staff served up delicious scones and cakes – which I would have to sample, of course.

Favourite book as a child?

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson – I was fascinated by the idea of being able to create an imaginary world just by drawing a few lines in purple.

Favourite food/snack while writing?

Regular flapjack with coffee at the Lit & Phil Library in Newcastle has seen me through several novels!

Most unglamorous part of being a writer?

There’s a glamorous part?!

Do you have any secret talents (other than writing)?

I used to be able to stand on my head in the middle of the room but I think my centre of gravity may have shifted.

What has been your most touching review or message from a fan so far?

It’s a toss up between one from a woman:

“The House is in a mess, the kids had to eat at McDonalds and I’m not getting any sleep – and its all your fault! I just can’t put your brilliant book down”

and one from a man:

“I meant to write ages ago to complain about The Hungry Hills. Hardened commuters are not supposed to cry on the 19.15 from Kings Cross. Most embarrassing.”

Favourite holiday destination? Are you a beach bunny or a city explorer?

I prefer to explore beaches and sit around cities watching the world go by! My ideal holiday involves walking, a bit of sight-seeing, good meals, a swim or two, a ceilidh dance, sun-downers and plenty reading time. Scotland, France or India tick a lot of boxes.

Summer tipple of choice?

Chardonnay or Belhaven beer (to be honest I can drink either all year round!)

Last but definitely not least, what is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Vanilla with tablet. If you’ve never discovered tablet (fudge but better) then get yourself to Scotland quickly!


A summery snap of Janet enjoying some scones!