NOSTALGIA 60’s STYLE – An African-Scottish Childhood – book review

A humorous, moving and life-affirming memoir of an ex-pat Scottish girl growing up in 1960s Africa. The daughter of a tea planter and agricultural adviser, Lucy was constantly on the move as her father’s work took the family to remote parts of Kenya and Tanzania at a time of political change and unrest. This is contrasted with time spent back home in Scotland in between jobs when Lucy and her sister would struggle to fit in at school and miss the vibrancy of their African life. Their dislocation is the more painful as the constant upheaval takes its toll on their mother’s mental health and their parents’ marriage. Yet the book is an affectionate tribute to a remarkable couple and a way of life long gone. For those who grew up in that era, you will love the nostalgia! It’s a treat of a read.