Books, buses, long-lost diaries …. all can inspire a writer!

This is the final part of my interview by Trisha (Writer at Play) about writing and being a writer …



Discovering the house in Simla where my grandparents and mother had lived in 1928 and inspired the novel:    THE GIRL FROM THE TEA GARDEN

Library Writers’ Group: Revising

Interesting advice on editing your work …

Taking On a World of Words

I’ve told you all before how amazing my friend Kristine Kruppa is, right? She led our writers’ group this month and talked about the revision process, using a lot of her experiences from revising her novel and giving me some good insight on the revisions she just gave me for my manuscript. I’m excited to share with you some things we learned.

First, revising and editing are different in a very notable way. Editing implies line editing, looking at structure and grammar and improving it. Revising comes earlier in the process and is on a story-level. You have to revise before editing or else your edits might get revised away. After finishing the first draft, leave the story for about a week or so to get some distance from it. Then do a read-through and start the revision process.

The first thing to look for is characters. Could any be…

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Laura Kemp Guest Post – 8 Things You Need to Know About Being an Author @laurajanekemp @aria_fiction

Amusing look at the reality of a writer’s life from Laura Kemp!

Portobello Book Blog

                  kemp_laura  Whatever Happened to Vicky Hope's Back Up Man? by [Kemp, Laura]

I’m delighted to be joined by author Laura Kemp. I read and very much enjoyed The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green last year – you can read my review here. Her latest book Whatever Happened to Vicky Hope’s Back-Up Man?, was published by Aria on 1st January – buying links are at the bottom of this post. Laura is sharing eight things she thinks you need to know about being an author. Read on to find out more!

Eight Things You Need To Know About Being An Author…

  1. You Have To Grow Rhino Skin – Not only for the initial search for an agent but in the quest for a deal and when your book is published. Knock backs are horrible – rejection is never nice. We all go through it in life. In terms of books, it can…

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